Popular Trump Supporter Spewing Anti-Cruz Rhetoric

Tuesday night, I was in an exchange with a popular Trump supporter on Twitter named Gary. He was spending his Tuesday night, like he probably spends all his other nights of the week, bashing Cruz supporters.

Some of the things he says, on here, I agree with. But his attacks on Cruz supporters are uncalled for. I will support Trump if he’s the nominee; he likely will be. He blocked me shortly after the Tweet above, not showing unity among the Republican Party. He shouldn’t have done that. Now I’m going to have to go on a crusade to get him to unblock me.

The reason why many inside and outside the Republican Party support Trump is because they like hearing what he has to say. It’s almost as if they have some kind of unspoken assurance that he will keep all (or at least some) of his promises. The Trump machine has been going since last summer taking down challenger standing in its way. There has been no stopping this machine. Many people I know were saying that they thought the nominee was going to be Jeb Bush; boy were they wrong.

Gary is still, as of Thursday morning, posting anti-Cruz tweets, insulting them and  posting divisive rhetoric